Friday, June 24, 2016

Cutie Pie

Let's all just agree that Benson is really reaching his cuteness potential lately. 
Though naughty (and thinks being naughty is hilarious), he is so darn cute you just have to cuddle him close. This boy of mine! 
Here are a few recent cutie moments:
He often has to wake up from his nap for church, which is sad. But he loves nursery with a purple passion, so I think he believes it is worth it. He was so sleepy Sunday and did not want his tie on. When KJ picked him up from nursery, he was wearing the offending tie backwards. Benson for the win! 
I bought some new lotion and the kids think it is amazing and go around giving each other foot rubs. Benson wanted in on the action, and thought it was hilarious. Pretty much everything is hilarious to Benson. He's a jolly little fellow. 
Getting some cozy post-bath pre-bed snuggles from his favorite friend. They were watching Bob Ross in "The Joy of Painting." Really. 
Love this "Babyzilla," as Liv calls him. 

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