Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Best Weekend Of The Year

General Conference weekend is always the best. I love the family time, the rest time, the snack time, and most of all I love the amazing messages that I hear. This conference was so good. My spirit just drank it in.
We went to the neighborhood park between Saturday sessions and had a great time together.
 Katelyn sang me an amazing song, Benson tried his hardest to walk around in the shoes he stole from his sisters, and both girls did amazing fetes with their upper arm strength.
We love to hear the prophet's voice. I am filled with admiration for President Monson as he gives his all to be there for us and deliver his message.
KJ sits and listens so attentively, and builds amazing creations while enjoying the messages. This time he built "the burrow" from Harry Potter -- the Weasley's house. He seriously should become a Lego designer. And Lego should seriously give the Double B and I a major share of their stock for all the investment we have in their company!
 My sweetie and I had the same favorite talks this time, from Elder Sabin and Elder Costa.
Look at these little chickens. Love them and love this time in our lives. Love General Conference.
I am thankful for parents that taught me that God still speaks to His children. Because of that basic knowledge, it has never been a stretch for me to believe He can communicate with us as individuals and that He can personally lead his church. What a blessing to give me.

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