Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Double B's New Project

On Tuesday the Double B had the day off and I was ready for an adventure. He kindly humored me. We ran down to the mall to exchange something and wandered into Sears where we saw this beautiful saw on a great sale. We lost some things in the move from KC and one of the things lost was the Double B's big miter saw and his tool chest (and the tools inside). It has been such a bummer because that is a big investment to replace so it's had to wait, and he loves wood projects so much.... plus, I've had a lot of projects I've wanted him to do! It's something we have both missed.  So when I saw that miter saw in Sears, I knew the day had arrived. 
He was so excited! And I was so excited, because we all love to watch him build. It was great therapy for him in KC and now he has it again, hurray!
We picked a project on Pinterest, drove to Lowes for supplies, and he got started right away. 
It was an awesome afternoon. The kids sat in the back of the van watching Daddy work and eating otter pops (notice Liv catching the drip from Benson's --  such a nurterer!). I sat and enjoyed the breeze and the sun and the company.
Pretty much the best way to spend an afternoon.
It's coming together!
What a guy. I am so happy he can use these talents again. It's very relaxing for him.
Ta-da! He's so fast. Now he'll take it apart, sand, paint, and reassemble. And we'll enjoy his workmanship for years to come!
Love that guy. Thankful we enjoy each others company so much.

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